It is essential to understand various cannabis plants and their yield, so you do not get frustrated with stunted plants and can’t achieve your desired yield. There are different types of cannabis, and it’s not a surprise that one can buy cannabis seeds with the expectation of getting close to 500g/ plant and only end up getting micro buds when harvest time knocks. At the moment, you might be wondering what is happening, but it’s essential to note that various factors come to play that determine your cannabis yield. Below are some of these critical factors that affect your marijuana yield and how to improve on it.

It’s hard to figure out what your cannabis plant will deliver with accuracy. Still, the proper following on various aspects such as setup, genetics of the plant, its nutrients content, and how light the product is are crucial considerations one can use to determine the quality of their cannabis yield. Some factors that affect how much yield a cannabis plant will yield can be regulated to control the yield, either increasing or decreasing production.

Where are Bud sites located in the marijuana plant

One must understand that there are two types of bud sites in the marijuana plant. The first and the most crucial bud site is known as the main cola. This site gets mainly located at the very top of the plant. With simple cannabis growing techniques in place, the leading cola site yields one of the largest harvests, making it the most important site.

There is another bud site on the marijuana plant, which is on the side branches. Its site gets mainly found at the intersection between the stem and the extension. During the pre-flowering season, it’s not an awkward thing to see buds sprouting from this section. Through various proven techniques, the size of the bud can get significantly increased. Some of the well-known methods for this purpose include the Topping or ScrOG, which can increase your bud size to almost the same as the main cola.

Like other plants and animals, the cannabis plant also has its anatomy unique and stands out. Also, this anatomy has a significant influence on the yield of each particular variety of cannabis.

It’s important to note that when we refer to cannabis yield, we refer to the final amount of bud one gets from their cannabis plant after harvest. Weed or cannabis yield gets usually measured in grams as a standard measure across the industry.

There are two options for growing your cannabis, and these two options have different yields. The indoor and outdoor cannabis growth comes with extra yield due to several factors. On average, a cannabis plant grew indoor usually yields about 400g to approximately 500g per plant. On the other hand, a cannabis plant grown outdoors has a slightly lower yield as it produces about 300g per plant. In some areas, the yield from cannabis grown indoors is measured in grams per square meter, while those grown outside get measured in grams per plant.

The indoor cannabis yield gets measured in square meters to take care of the transparent canopy of the cannabis plant exposed to the sunlight. Indoor cannabis growing employs specific techniques such as the SOG and the ScrOG, which maximize light exposure to the plant and the budding site. It’s essential to note that these techniques get employed to maximize the number of yields per plant. When these bud site techniques are not used, the yield per plant will significantly reduce despite having the best quality seeds.

Similarly, don’t get over-excited about your plant’s yields as other factors such as how wet or dry your yield is. When buds get measured directly from the harvest, they contain close to 80 percent of their weight as water. For instance, 10 grams of wet bud will produce about 20 to 25 percent of the total cannabis grain.