On the 23rd of June, the regulatory agency for cannabis in Canada did release a private document, which is their version of the freedom of information action that we have. 

This is a document that is in question involving the safety of the cartridges with additive phytol in it. 

The stud was done by Canopy Growth, which is ne of the largest companies for cannabis in Canada. 

The data within this has changed the cannabis vaping products, and the world around them. 

Phytol is a type of terpene that’s used to flavor vape cartridge, which is added to cannabis oil cartridges, and it also used to propylene glycol

This request was done by the chief science officer David Heldreth, who was part of True Terpenes, which is a phytol retailer.  Another friend got the report. 

The founder and CEO of both panacea plant sciences along with Ziese farms also were concerned about the phytol that was in it. That’s because Tokyo Smoke, which is a chain of cannabis stores in Canada that is owned by Canopy growth, suddenly got rid of phytol from the shelves too. 

There have been articles that have sparked some concern, saying that phytol is a considered dangerous ingredient in cannabis vapes.  Finally, they managed to get the study completely. In this though, they found that the data in this showed that it was unsafe for inhalation, and they even said that the people wouldn’t even use it. 

So what is phytol, and why should we be concerned. 

All About phytol 

Since about a decade ago, humanity has engaged in a trial and error field of vaporizers. 

Those wo are both young and old do experiment with liquid mixtures of chemicals that normally aren’t found in the wild, and then are aerosolized by hardware that’s cheap, and then immediately misted into the lung tissue, which is sensitive. 

The problem is that the science with phytol is so behind everything else, that it makes everyone essentially guinea pigs. 

There has been control issues involving the illicit pens that have THC in them, which then became a health crisis. A lot of consumers that are across the world suddenly felt sick, coming down with what was called VAPI or Evali, which is lung distress that’s killed over 68 people, and injuring over 2800 more.  For about six months, they looked, finally finding the vitamin EW acetate culprit, which was put in this type of product in an illicit fashion in order to increase the profits. 

Finally, the crisis ended in February the year after, where people threw out the vapes that were tainted, and factories were not using as much of the vitamin E acetate. 

The CDC also said that one of the state regulations that needs to be done is to make sure that there are no chemicals in the vape supply. 

Phytol though is a n alcohol that appears in small amounts in your cannabis plants. It is not a good smell, and in a lot of cases it can be grassy in the natural state. 

This is used in a lot of cleaners and detergents too. 

Usually, they dilute the cannabis with this, but the thing is that it’s cheap, and it can ruin the product in a lot of cases. It’s also dangerous too, and for a lot of companies they don’t distill it enough. 

The study found that it can hurt a lot of people, especially the rats in the study, and there aren’t exposure levels considered safe with this. It’s important to be careful of this.