Pregnant mothers go through a lot during the pregnancy journey. Sometimes, they experience moments of happiness while others are filled with different bouts of morning sickness. Several of them wonder if they can use CBD to minimize feelings of anxiety, nausea, and lack of sleep. This article will provide you with what you should know about the consumption of CBD by pregnant women.

The problems that Women Experience When Pregnant

Have you ever been pregnant or spent the pregnancy period with your partner? If so, you understand the problems that one goes through while pregnant. Although some women don’t experience excessive difficulties within that period, others get nausea, anxiety, and inability to sleep well.

1. Anxiety

During pregnancy, mothers may experience different feelings at different times. Sometimes, they may be so happy about the pregnancy and the whole journey. Other times, they may worry about what might happen in the future. Even though it is normal to worry while pregnant, some mothers become anxious, which may bring up some other issues. An expectant mother who experienced anxiety may

• worry too much about how the baby will be at birth

• get irritated by minor issues

• experience tension in the muscles and

• lose concentration

Several things can cause anxiety during pregnancy, and they include;

• Hormonal changes

• Experiencing too much stress from different sources

• Previous stress

• From family history

The Solutions

• Anxiety medications

• Yoga

• Massage

• Acupuncture

2. Nausea

Almost all pregnant women experience nausea at specific points in their pregnancy journey. Although it is commonly referred to as morning sickness, it can happen any time of the day. It starts from the sixth month of pregnancy and may disappear around the sixteenth week.

Pregnant mothers who experience morning sickness may be unable to work on everyday tasks. However, according to research, they have a lesser chance of getting miscarriages. Morning sickness in pregnant women happens because of a rise in estrogen and HCG levels in their bodies after the egg is fertilized.


• Consuming small portions of food severally

• Ginger

• Anti-nausea medications

3. Poor Sleeping Pattern

Lack of enough sleep may cause health issues such as lack of mood and problems in body movement. Many pregnant mothers experience problematic sleeping patterns during the night. They sleep during the day because of the fatigue in their bodies.

Back pains, heartburn, cramps, among others, may cause a lack of enough sleep. Women who experience a lack of sleep during pregnancy may try exercising regularly, keeping off caffeine, finding relaxation activities to engage in, and only taking short naps when necessary during the day.

The Solutions

• Sleeping pills

• Behavioral therapy

While some expectant mothers may get relief from these treatments, others look for other options. Several women are considering the use of CBD to relieve pregnancy-related problems. Is CBD effective in working on the difficulties?

CBD in Pregnancy

According to research, CBD can be used to relieve most pregnancy problems. However, it is essential to consider the pregnancy before consuming CBD. That is because there is an unborn baby in the pregnant mother’s womb. The American FDA discourages the consumption of CBD for expectant and breastfeeding mothers to safeguard the mothers’ and unborn children’s well-being. The organization also facilitated a research whereby animals that took high CBD doses developed problems in the reproductive systems of unborn males.

In addition, some CBD products have not undergone lab testing. You may find good-quality CBD products in the market, but some contain too much THC, metals, or pesticides. Such products are unsafe for mothers-to-be. Also, some people experience side effects from consuming CBD.

The Bottom Line

Mothers-to-be experience diverse problems during their pregnancy journeys. While some take medicines to reduce the difficulties, others find other options for the same purpose. Expectant mothers who’d like to use CBD to better their pregnancy should consult their healthcare provider before settling on it. The doctors will provide them with the best advice in consideration to the health of both child and mother.